Store Documents

Store legal documents or your family’s trust. 

Store ERC-20 Coins Earn Interest

Store any ERC-20 token, and some ERC-20 can earn interest through a proprietary system. 

NFT Trusts and personal NFT Bank Vaults
NFTs can now be your family digital vault.

Store Digital Art or NFT’s

Store digital art, or other NFTs. 

Time Lock

Time lock the NFT to be open however long you want.

NFT Trusts and Personal NFT Bank Vaults

We can create an NFT that can store digital documents, music, digital art, or other NFTs, any ERC-20 tokens, earn interest on some tokens, and customize a time lock for when you wish this NFT to be accessible. This is all recorded on the blockchain with a unique NFT customized by you. The future is now, are you ready to stay ahead of the game for your family?

NFTs Interest-Earning and Time-locked Vaults

Do you want to make an NFT that acts like your bank or vault? We can help you create your own personal bank vault, which only you and those you trust have access. You can also customize your wallet address to be an example: yourfamilyname.eth to make it easier to share and transact. The technology is improving rapidly, and will soon adopt other blockchains. Start your personal NFT vault today.