Our Crypto Help Pricing

Crypto Help

Our consultation roughly runs 1 hour if we stay on schedule through each of the setup phases. In order to get started, you must have cold wallet storage. Please see our top 2 recommended wallets and most popular for a reason. Once you have your cold storage wallet, then we can schedule your appointment.

Crypto Consultation


Did you already purchase a cold wallet from our top recommended wallets? Then you are ready to go. Let’s schedule your appointment.

  • Crypto Wallet Setup
  • Crypto Exchange Setup with your bank
  • Overview of Exchange and Wallet
  • Talk you through Buying/Selling
  • Overview of Sending
  • NFTs, Why, Future, Create

DISCLAIMER: We do not buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrency on your behalf. We will train and coach you through the steps as you physically transact on your own.

We look forward to your first crypto experience!

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